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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Jonah Live?

~ Jonah is Canadian.  He lives in Western Canada with his mom and dad, little brother Isaac and his dog, Louie.

How old is he?  When's his birthday?

~ Jonah is 12 years old, he was born in the fall of 2004.

Does Jonah take drum lessons?  Is his dad a drummer? 

~ Jonah has never taken drum lessons.  His dad is not a drummer, he has learned to play drums on his own.

Why haven't I seen Jonah on TV?

~ Jonah has been invited to appear on Ellen, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel, George Lopez, Wendy Williams, Breakfast Television, etc, etc, as well as requests to be on America's Got Talent and requests to do numerous interviews, personal appearances, play venues, etc.  We have graciously declined.  Jonah's just a little kid, he calls playing drums "playing".  If we make him start doing this stuff, its no longer playing, it becomes work.  When he's old enough to decide for himself what he wants to do, then it will be his choice.  For now, we believe it is best to just let him continue being a kid.  :) 

Jonah has some impressive gear, is he sponsored?

~ Yes.  Jonah has the best gear.  He is very fortunate to have been sponsored by some great companies.  We are extremely grateful for their kindness and generosity.  The support given to Jonah is amazing!

How much does Jonah practice playing the drums?

~ Jonah plays drums about an hour or two per week.  He plays whenever he wants to. 

Besides drumming, what are Jonah's favorite things to do? 

~ Jonah loves video games, riding his bike, watching Cartoon Network, playing ball, swimming, camping, skateboarding, eating pizza and ice cream, and all the other stuff kids like to do.  :)

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