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Jonah is a 12 year old self-taught drummer. He's never had a lesson, and plays songs as he hears them, and how he thinks they should sound. He doesn't "play it like the record", he plays his way. He doesn't have to learn how to play a song; he just has to hear it. Jonah spends between 1 - 2 hours per week playing drums.
Jonah started playing drums when he was 3 years old. At first we thought it was cute, but soon realized that there was something going on here. He wasn't just making noise, he was making music. Within a few weeks, he was playing covers of his favorite songs. It was so cool, we decided to put a few of his vids up on YouTube. People began watching them and sharing them. In no time, he had developed a large following.
When Jonah was four, Craig Northey, Doug Elliott, Pat Steward and Murray Atkinson of the Canadian band Odds, came to visit Jonah and *play band* with him in the basement. It was a rockin' good time that he will never forget. Jonah is proud to call them his friends.
In January of 2010, Jonah's System Of A Down's Toxicity cover went viral. The video received over 1 million hits in one day, and over 3 million in 3 days. We could not keep up with all the emails we were getting. Jonah's video was shown on evening news programs all over the world. We were contacted by every talk show, news program, etc., inviting Jonah on television. We graciously declined. When he grows up, he can make those decisions himself. For now, he's just a little boy who loves to play the drums, among a lot of other things. :)
Jonah has been very fortunate to have been invited to meet Eric Singer of KISS and fellow band members a couple of times. He's met Mickey Curry, drummer for Bryan Adams as well as Bryan and fellow band members.
In September 2011, Jonah was invited by Travis Barker to come and meet him in Vancouver, BC. Jonah spent an awesome afternoon hangin' with Travis and company, playing drums and flying around the arena on Travis' flying drum kit. That evening, he attended the Blink-182 concert, but not as a member of the audience - Travis had Jonah on stage, playin' drums! Jonah met some of his favorite drummers that day; Jay Weinberg (Against Me), and Branden Steineckert (Rancid).
March of 2013 Jonah finally got meet his friend Dan Moyse and Sum 41.  He had a great time jamming with the band at the sound check!
Jonah chooses all his songs, and he decides when he wants to “do a YouTube”. When he’s not playing music, Jonah loves to go ice skating, play soccer, ride his bike, and play video games with his friends.


“Thank you everyone for watching my vids. I got really great fans!” ~ Jonah Rocks

Jonah's Bio 
Jonah on stage with Travis Barker in 2011
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